Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Team 23 Day 8

A few days without posting....
Saturday had us working on site again down at YSU, continuing our work on the ceilings and the cornice work. We're moving along pretty well getting it all ready for render and painting... Theres still lot to do, but we're certainly kept busy.
Half of the team went out to an African music festival out at the Black Lantern on Saturday night to enjoy music from a bunch of different African nations and of course to relax and have a meal. All reports were that it was good..
Sunday, we slept in a bit then headed to Abundant Life church to worship with the local community. A few hours relaxing after church then we headed into town to see the 'Source of the Nile', and have a boat ride out to the source and surrounding places of interest. We rounded out the day with supper at our favourite restaurant 'All Friends', and towards the end of our dinner our last team member, Tiffany, arrived.  It was nice to meet her and welcome her into the team. She was ready for a good sleep after the long journey.
Today, Monday was another day of work at the YSU building. Our master ceiling construction crew pretty much completed framing out the ceilings in the second unit, whilst Rob worked on the rendering of the eaves.  Tiffany proved herself keen and adept at wielding a hammer and tried her hand at render work too.
Relaxing now waiting for supper and happy to sit for a while.
Tomorrow morning we will go into Masesi (the slums where many of our kids come from) to visit homes and encourage them. On one hand we're looking forward to it, yet we know it will be confronting..
Most everyone is well again now, including the kids, and we're thankful for that. One or 2 still have aches and or slight fevers, but a vast improvement.

Please, if you read this, keep up your prayers for us, so that we can be effective and safe, staying healthy and well.

Check out some pics below of the last few days..

Our little forman/helper today on site - colouring is important!

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Diana Visser said...

God's blessing to all on team - especially to Miss Melody and Master Foreman Jeremy xoxoxo Nhoj and Di