Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Team 20 Day 5&6

After a much needed sleep in, a bowl of cornflakes and two cups of coffee we dressed up in our Sunday best and walked on over to church. The two and a half hour service started with a couple of songs (and by a couple, I mean a couple of hundred) that went a long with clapping and dancing. It was great to see people worship with such enthusiasm and without a care in the world. Before the pastor said a few words, we all stood up to introduce ourselves, and it’s easy to say that they very much love visitors. The pastor gave some stories on encouragement and appreciation, which is something we are all learning whilst on this trip.

Back at Suubi house, lunch consisted of more fresh bread with peanut butter, Nutella and honey (snickers sandwich anyone?) After our tummys were full we headed into town on a bus for some free time! Some went to cafes to fill their tummys even more and others went shopping, arguing about prices, 25000 shillings for some pants? No thanks!
Later on, dinner was had at sunset hotel that over looked the Nile, we weren’t complaining! I guess you could say a full day of food, everyone was ready for a nap.

Monday morning, up at 7:30 ready for another brekky of chapatti and pineapple. Shoes on, hat on, water bottle filled and two layers of sunscreen, we walked down to the VOH. Back to work! One group finished off house 14 and another group dug out a long trench. It doesn’t sound like much but when you’re working under the boiling sun it feels like a lot!
The foundations of the new kitchen for our farmer was dug and cemented, the trench for the water tap was dug by some ‘enthusiastic’ young ladies, making quite creative use of tools. 
House 11 & 12 began to get some fresh white paint on the eaves with ‘most’ of the paint actually making onto the timber!!
House 13 was finished ready for a roof. The mortar for bricking ran out with one brick left to lay!!  So we channeled Robert Kafeero from some years back by scraping up some of the dry mortar that had dropped and re-wet it to be used again!!
A hot, burnt and weary team of people came back to Suubi to collapse in chairs and enjoy a small ice cream…  a day well done!!

- Georgia (assisted by Hannah and Meg!)

The last level!!

These look nice.... some worked too!! :)

Dale the builder.. oversight 101

Our trusty water jerry can carrier!

A new kitchen & bathroom begins

Great looking foundations..
The awesome trench to lay water pipes!

House 13 officially done... 'cept for a roof of course!

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