Sunday, January 3, 2016

Team 20 Day 4

Saturday the 3rd of January 2016.

We arose early for a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, Mandazi (rectangular doughnut things) with various spreads and the usual doxycycline (anti-malaria) tablets. We shared our meal on the upper deck and were bathed in another beautiful God given day.

Tom shared his devotion sourced from the books of Matthew and Romans for us to contemplate. We have been blessed with the coherence of the team.

After a short walk, we entered the gates of the Village of hope. We were greeted by children who were intrigued with our work gear, the hats, sunnies, work gloves, etc.

After a short team meeting, we were allocated various tasks that we set to with great gusto. Many hands made light work of shifting the mud bricks nearer to the unfinished carcass of House 14. Most of the team took to the scaffolding to start laying the bricks. They were applying machunga (a mortar mix of local dirt, some sand, lime powder, molasses and water) like pros in no time.

Our aim was to lay 3 courses to the external and internal walls so the Builders to follow could construct the roof structure over. After a four our stint, we returned to Suubi House on foot dusty, dirty and a little sore. But the feeling of exhilaration seemed a common factor as we shared our thoughts.

We shared our lunch in the in the dining room, another great meal. Seasoned vegetables wrapped in a chapatti, then deep fried. Delicious !

After a short relax, we headed back to complete our task. Following another short walk to the VOH  an enthusiastic crew launched into the project again. The synchronicity  of the team was more apparent as they layed the final courses efficiently.

While being sore and covered in the red dust that permeates our pores, the feeling of connection within the team far outweighed any other discomfort experienced.  

The walk back seemed shorter this time, knowing that our small contribution helps to make life better some of Gods children.

Andrew provided us a small treat on our return. After a much-needed shower to remove the days grime, we sit on the porch admiring the African sunset scooping our ice cream tubs waiting for the dinner call.

We are truly blessed to be able to serve here, we pray for the continuing success of the mission.


Hard at it....straight away!

Dad....... I dug a hole!!

Ok ladies, left me show you how it's done!
Who you gonna call?  Dust busters!

Look who I found hanging out!

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