Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Team 20 Day 13

Today started with a great breakfast of Pancakes and Mandazis, and the usual fresh fruit…. After eating our fill, Kim and Emily led us in a devotion encouraging us to live with purpose and to look for God’s purpose in our days…
Then it was, on with the work clothes and up to the village to continue our variety of jobs including:
-        -  back to digging our massive hole for the septic tank
-     - painting the fascia boards on all the houses and buildings to make them look fresh, building scaffold as we went.
-       - patching up the outside of some of the buildings and going on with rendering (yep, with cow poo!)
Our hole diggers (myth busters Uganda) decided to challenge the myth that a hen couldn’t fly out of a 10ft deep hole when dropped in. The myth was promptly busted as the hen flew straight out!!
After a lunch of fresh rolls and salad and a bit of a rest, we went back to Village of Hope to continue our work, whilst our ladies took on the challenge of running 3 or 4 craft activities for the kids. I say challenge as getting 80 kids focused was no simple task. Someone said, ..’we’ve heard of organized chaos, well this wasn’t that, it was just chaos!..’   But the lids had fun and by the end of the afternoon, many kids had completed crafts they were super proud of.
The painting crew finished all the work, the diggers reached the required depth, (to their major relief), enjoyed some warm fresh milk, straight from the cow before knocking off for the day…  Our renderers have a little more to do as they were otherwise engaged this afternoon…
A few hours of relaxing at Suubi house followed by a dinner of beef, rice, beans and matoke rounded out the day.
The house is quiet, reflecting the tiredness level after the day…..

- Andrew
The farmer's kitchen and washroom taking shape

We're ready!!

The painting and beautifying continues..

Kitchen looking good!!

Kids and craft - stuff everywhere...

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