Monday, January 11, 2016

Team 20 Day 11

We awoke to a cloudy and cool morning, which has been quite unusual for our stay so far. Unfortunately, it matched our mood a little as we said goodbye to Megan, who left us to return to Australia after an eight-week stay at Suubi house.

Our day kicked off by sharing in worship with our Ugandan brothers and sisters at Abundant Life church. It has been such a privilege over the past two weeks to be amongst Gods people here in Uganda and see the joy and enthusiasm they have in praising our Lord. They are genuinely thankful for everything they have received and it is so humbling to see their response to God’s blessing’s in their lives.

Pastor Andrew led us in worship, referencing Matthew chapter 12, and the wonderful Christmas carol “O Come All ye Faithful”.  Pastor Andrew asked us to consider what was meant when we declared that we adored Jesus. He used the story of the Magi, very important and powerful men in their time, who travelled great distances baring expensive gifts to bow down and acknowledge the birth of Jesus. Pastor Andrew declared that this demonstrated that adoration was more than words and demanded an action in response. His final challenge to us was to examine what actions we personally put into place, when we declare our adoration for Christ to the wider world, in response to the ultimate sacrifice He made on our behalf.

At the conclusion of our service we headed off for a boat trip on Lake Victoria, which is the source of the mighty Nile river. Our guides took us on a half hour tour explaining the history and importance of both Lake Victoria and the Nile river to Africa and particularly Uganda. As always, we also had countless opportunities to buy trinkets and souvenirs.

The group finished our evening at the restaurant All Friends where the dish of the night was definitely the Chicken Biryani. During our meal, Luke and Agnes Van Den Berg, who are working with Youth Support Uganda (YSU), joined us. It was indeed a blessing to meet and speak with them about their experiences here in Africa. It was also an opportunity for us to say farewell to Erin, Maggie and Chris as they leave our team tomorrow to continue their journeys in Uganda and Rwanda.

We again praise God for his mercies and blessings throughout the day, and look forward to another day in His service tomorrow

- Scott

Pastor George leading prayer
Jeremy's creche services..

I'm on a boat... and African one, and I'm dry!

An attractive bunch...... well sort of..

Jeremy's Titanic moment...

Dale's Titani...... Dale's moment!!

Heaps too see, and we're still dry!

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