Sunday, January 10, 2016

Team 20 Day 10

 Team 20 Day 10

You might have noticed a blog missing yesterday….
Half the group went White water rafting, whilst the other half relaxed by the pool and enjoyed a lunch…
The rafters came home excited and telling great stories, but were all moaning a bit this morning complaining of aches……. ‘all over’… J

We woke to a gusty wind and dark sky that threatened to dump its rain on us….But we took the risk and decided to have breakfast on the balcony anyway.
We then headed to the village for our days work.
When we arrived at the village we split into 3 groups; one group digging s huge hole for a septic tank system for the farmers house, whilst another team was on concreting duties on the new wood shed, whilst a 3rd group continued with painting of the house fascias started the day before.
Our work morning did start with a bit of drizzle but not enough to deter this super team!!!  Everyone got off to a flying start on their jobs, although the concreting stalled temporarily due to late arrival of our hard core stones..
It was decided to split the teams into another group as their was rendering to do on the farmers house and admin centre whilst waiting.  Rendering is done with a very runny mixture of cow dung, molasses and local soil, and applied with soft brooms. The trick is whilst rendering the high walls, to keep your mouth closed J
We went back to Suubi house for a lunch of Matoke and G nut sauce (Jeremy’s favorite!), then headed back to the village to get back into our jobs…
The rock had arrived for the concreting, which was completed by the end of the day, even though it was a late start.
One of the other teams completed a heap of painting on several houses which required much moving and resetting scaffold, which actually took longer that the painting itself..
Yet another team worked on the kitchen laundry room setting out and beginning the brick walls.  Before we all knew it, it was late in the day an time to complete our work. 
In true HopeBuilders fashion, some of the girls of the team organized a netball tournament for the older girls of the village. Our team gilrs discovered to their surprise that our Village girls are way more skilled and competitive than first thought. A great match was had by all and the new Netball bibs were given to the girls of the village for future games!
A quick outing for some of us to Bugembe to experience the night-life and market closed off a very big day!!

- Dale

Renderers hard at it!

Yes, we know its poo!!

Cooking up the 'recipe'!!!

We dug a hole... 

..... a really big one!

Another kind of scaffold legend! :)
Hot work....
Scaffold legend!!

Hot competition!!

Skilfull goal shooting

It's a goal!!
Bugembe night life..

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