Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Team 20 Day 12

All up at the sound of sparrow fart, Chris, Erin, Maggie ready to dart.
After running out of Suubi’s front gate, bound for Rwanda don’t want to be late.
The rest of the team eating brekkie in their wake,
about to drive to the YSU block down on the lake.
But not before hearing Luke give his testimony and story,
a powerful ministry to God be the glory.
On the bus we went driving through the fishing village,
the sight of Lake Victoria a beautiful image.
Luke guided us around sharing vision for the future,
we prayed over the block its ground plans were super.
After touring the block we were keen to get going,
YSU’s participants  with excitement were glowing.
With open arms we were welcomed to the workshop,
an exciting youth ministry working as a co-op.
Bonding together in the name of Jesus Christ,
with dance performances and singing our arvo was truly spiced. 
After saying goodbye we walked back to Suubi for lunch,
salad rolls and passionfruit, we were a full and happy bunch.
After our fill we headed back to the Village of Hope,
But with a long list of jobs we were unsure we would cope.
Painters soldiered on finishing houses one to six,
admin building tomorrow they’ll attack it with paint sticks.
Lads in the farm below doing what they do best,
digging a hole for the septic tank eight feet we began to guess.
Others laying bricks getting the kitchen on a roll,
with a dining area, toilet and washroom completion is the goal.
But after feeling the sting of the afternoon sun,
the team headed back to Suubi – the showers and sodas begun.
After having vegies, rice and yams for dinner,
everyone sat fat and tired feeling like a winner.

- Limerick by Jeremy!!

The view of the chicken coop at YSU
Luke sharing the vision for the block
Listening to the tailoring girls share their story
Watching the YSU 'dancers'

Rapping like pros...

Dance/drama mix...

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