Friday, January 30, 2009


team members get an afternoon shower!!!

"ive just been overwhelmed by the way pple have been treating us like family and how everyone is just so inviting into their houses for dinner. A nd how every one is wanting to help n the job site is just great.! God also has a bigger presence here,everyone we meet here is really on fire for God and really spiritual!" Ben
Mr chris howe has left for the congo,he has done a tremendious job training the women how to make bricks using bitumn emulsion,the amazing thing is that his wife susan howe through ywam will be teaching the ladies from the sorrounding community english.the widows happen to be beneficiaries. so soon i wont need to do lots of interpreting for them!!:)

so far my time here in uganda has been amazing! i feel so privileged!

sandra saying hiiii to frds and family..shes a mighty woman of God!!

"this project found me when i was not sure how my children would go to school. i believe that through the mud brick project i would be able to pay fees on time. thank you very much for loving us" Zilia

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