Thursday, January 22, 2009

Team 2!!! and the arrival of bitumen emulsion

bitumen being off loaded from the truck!
Jan 20th was indeed a busy day,first its the day i graduated with a BA EDUC (HONS) from Makerere university, for a year i had been tracing for missing marks which were finaly traced and i had to graduate. its also a day obama was doing his oath,the atmospahere here was filled with obamania!

It also marked the arrival of team two with all their luggages,this seldom happens,God is great, things are moving from glory to glory!! they arrived safely and were on site orientation today.... we look forward to working with them. lets believe God that all things will run as planned!!! so we should pray for divine protection,good health,favour and above all wisdom,and to allow God to us for his will!!

Today we had the much anticipated bitumen emulsion arrive on site!! this comes at a time when chris howe the mud bricks expert is here too,so we regard this as being in God's divine timing!!
we hope to use his experience and expertise.

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Glenn said...

Praise God - what a joy it was to see a truck with barells being unloaded on site. And God always has things more organised than we do - that the Bitumen arrives the day that Chris Howe does!!! I like the idea about rendering the houses in a bituemn render!!
Great Job on the Bolog Ivan