Tuesday, January 27, 2009

site work

a member seems impressed by what he beholds.

the women look attentively as chris does the mixing.

welding of window frames is done on the site, the teams have very experienced team members who possess wonderful skills in building.

house B as it stands.

Today team 2 visited an ISA orphanage called care4kids, the team had a wonderfull time there, we were blessed, the whole atmosphere was full of tranquility... will post some wonderfull fotos that i took soon!!


Johann said...

Ivan thanks for the awesome job of keeping us updated on the work. Wow! the team is really powering along - Praise God! Please let them know that we are continuing to pray for them and that God is even now preparing the children and mothers that will go into these homes. Be Blessed. Johann

Johann said...

Hey Ivan - Could you please ask each of the team members how they are feeling and what has been a highlight for them so far and put those on here. It would be good to hear from them!!

ivan said...

thanks johann
i will work on that tommorrow. thanks again for believing in us here!!