Wednesday, January 28, 2009

in their own words

" I would like to thank Hopebuilders for bringing this project to us, through the mud brick project,my life has really improved,i can now have some money to take care of my home needs. thank you very much" Florence B

"Hopebuilders has really helped me alot, before, i used to struggle looking for school fees for my large family, i would take long to clear school fees for my big family, i would find it a great problem. the mud brick project has really helped us, i would like to thank rob, johann and the whole team for loving us, they were so frdly, they loved my family and were warm towards us. thank you also for loving my family, especially my daughter Grace who has been helping to wash your clothes, cook for you breakfast at the site, at least i dont have to worry about pocket money for her new term" Florence Kasanka

"i really thank God for this mud brick project,because it has really improved my life. i had a descent christmas. im so greatfull and thankfull to God for bringing this project to us which has improved our lives. my life will never be same again". Merida N.

Though the focus has been on getting the houses finished and having highly risky children in there..the project is also buildng lives,from what you've read,lives have been impacted in one way or another. the bondage of poverty is slowly loosening its grip!!


Damian Richmond said...

I am so excited to read all the updates you have posted.

Words cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of God especially to see what was once a seemlingly crazy idea and now in the fullness of the vision God gave, is all coming to pass.

Please encourage the team to continue to finish well the work that has been started...

Please look up and read
Phil 3:13-14


ivan said...

thanks damian. im medidating upon that scripture. thanks again for your encouragement and support!!