Saturday, January 24, 2009


busy at work!!

members watching miss florence do it!

chris howe demonstrates with the ladies how to make mud bricks with bitumen

i took these pics of house B while the team had gone for luch,work has began on house B

House B

Chris Howe the mud brick expert who has a wealth of experience in mud bricks took time off from his busy schedule in the Congo to come and train the widows how to use bitumen emulsion. For the few weeks he will be here he will demostrate how to make mud bricks with bitumen emulsion, this is divine timing and even I am learning a great lesson from this.

This is yet another sign that prayer works, so keep praying that things will continue unfolding just like we have prayed. What ever we are seing happening can be atributed to prayer, so keep commiting the whole project in God's hands. We need to thank God for his divine help and continued help he has shown us. We also need to thank God for the great team out there who make this happen. The house sponsors! Special thanks to God for Johann, Glenn, Damian, Rob, Andrew and Kellie plus their families and the whole AU board.

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