Thursday, January 22, 2009

the community connection.

one of the things the lord has done for hope builders is finding favor in the eyes of the community,this is evidenced in the way they would like to contribute to the development of their community so that the cycle of poverty is brocken,weeks ago johann and rob took off some time and had a talk with the widow who were sharing ways in which they could benefit from the project. For any project this aspect is very important,and by the end of the meeting a community connection had been formed,it ceased to be hope builders' stuff to a community project. Some of the widows 's views were taken in consideration and would be worked on in the near future..the widows would be interested in making crafts,diong small businesses like selling foodstuff goat farming,poutry and so on..
johann also informed them that the priority now was setting up the two houses and having highly vlnerable children in there but promised that financially sustable enterprises woulld be set up in addition to the brick enterprise in existance. The meeting was very fruitfull indeed. hey help breakl the cycle of poverty!!

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