Friday, January 9, 2009

this helpless widow takes care of these two sweet girls,who are really highly vulnerable and at risk

some of these kids fiited our criteria.

a sea of children flood us ,how i wish we cd help all of them

one of the family we identified

yesteday we visited a slum on the outskirts of jinja town called kikaramoja,its a slum that actually is home to the street beggars that flood jinja town,alcohlism is a big problem,plus lawlessness in the area,the predominant pple here are karamojong pple(a nomadic tribe in the eastern part of uganda,they survive on picking scraps for the steel industry and also sending their kids to the streets to beg while their fathers drink,motality rate is high here from preventable diseases.Human feaces can be seen around since these pple have a belief that if you go the toilet you wont give birth,
i took johann and rob around families we felt really fitted the hope builders vision that is highly vulnerable and at risk children. we took some photos of these families. we will assess some families we idetnifies and then consider finding them an ideal home at village of hope. Children living in such conditions are at risk and vlnerable to many things such as diseases,early pregancies,aids and so on.

will bring you more of these photos.

Something absurd happen last nite when thieves stole part of the fence,investigations are going on,continue praying for God's protection for the project property. The area has had a history of theft. however this has not discouraged the team from continuing a good job at the site!!

Today i also had an opportunity to attend ywams' day of prayer and fasting in which i was requested to share what we are,our vision and what our prayer points are.It was an awesome experience seing these men and women(Ywamers) from all walks of life in groups praying for the village of hope,lets thank God for the special relationship we enjoy with ywam.

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