Saturday, January 4, 2014

HopeBuilders team 15 - almost there!!

On Friday January 3rd 2014, 8 Brisbane locals and 8 Melbourne locals who had flown up to Brisbane left the Brisbane International airport bound for Uganda and theVillage of Hope in Wairaka. These 16 members will join up with two other Melbourne locals who are already there and on Thursday they will be joined by 2 more Melbournites, bringing the team to its full complement of 20 members. This team will complete the kitchen and amenities block for house 9 & 10 and also do the finishing touches on these two houses, getting them ready for another 16 orphans and 2 widows to move in real soon. They will also extend the admin block and provide a small apartment (of sorts) for our Village Coordinator. The team will also spend some time on extending our farm capacity through teh building of sheds and other facilities, so that the farm can extend its work and take in more animals. All in all we are looking forward to how God will work in and through this team and the way in which they will impact Uganda but more importantly how Uganda will impact them..  another team joins the fight TO BREAK THE CYCLE OF POVERTY - Go Team UG15!!!!

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