Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Team 15 making good progress...

Sunset from Suubi House

After arriving on Saturday afternoon at Entebbe airport the team retrieved all their luggage, which in itslef was a good start and began the drive to Jinja, Wairaka and the Village of Hope. After a few hours on the road they arrived at the Village of Hope and were welcomed by the awesome children and mothers, it was then time to settle in to Suubi and enjoy and well earned rest. The next day was going to church along with the children and mothers of the Village... a short 3 hour service :) and it was back to Suubi for lunch. The afternoon was spent back at the Village playing soccer, singing songs and some guitar playing by team members and generally 'hanging out' with 75+ children eager to make new friends. 

Considering the options
Monday was an early start and the works at the Village kicked off - the team split into different groups, with one finishing off the remaining courses of bricks on House 10 and the other commencing the extension to the admin building. There was also the digging of dirt for the majenga mix and the moving of earth bricks from the production area to the building sites - always hard work. That afternoon the team ventured into town and some shopped while others kicked back at Flavours (a local cafe) and enjoyed a Mango Lassi.

Tuesday was another early start with a few even trekking up Monkey Mountain to enjoy the African sun rise and the amazing view looking over the Village and towards Lake Victoria. It was then another day of building with tremendous progress being made by the different groups and this was rewarded with a dinner in town at 2 Friends Restaurant - a favourite of Hopebuilders teams.

All in all the team is doing well and enjoying the comforts of Suubi House and the opportunity to play an active part in "Breaking the Cycle of Poverty".

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