Monday, January 20, 2014

Team 15 - The Last few Days in Uganda....

The work has continued to progress very well at the Village of Hope. Whilst at times challenged with availability of tools and materials, the team has excelled and worked well together, and been able to get a lot done, in fact, more than was originally expected. The admin building roof has been extended along with the walls, the farm shed is almost ready for the walls to be put on and houses 9 & 10 are bagged inside and out - a very messy but "fun" job :) 

The team also visited Jinja Christian School and were impressed by the facilities and inspired by the commitment of Ron and Anne.

The also enjoyed dinner out with David, Emma and Ronnie - some of our faithful, hard-working HopeBuilders workers.. around the Village of Hope. 

The days are winding down, with some downtime in Jinja and making plans for a farewell celebration on Monday. The team enjoyed their last visit and celebration service at the local church - Abundant Life.. Along with our great VOH children and mammas.

Our second last night in Jinja was spent by some doing devotions with the children at the Village - which was followed by a very cool night with guitars, singing, sodas, bongos, crafts and chatting...  AWESOME!

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