Friday, January 17, 2014

Team 15 visit to Home of Hope

It is very hard to describe this experience, but going from the Village of Hope to the Home of Hope was quite a trip... not physically or logistically but emotionally and spiritually.

The Home of Hope is the only home of its kind in Uganda and it provides care of children with disabilities (multiple disabilities). It is generally believed in Uganda that a child with a disability is the result of a curse on the family, so these children are often abandoned, due to the stigma. This home had been struggling to survive and pay for food and staff, which is when HopeBuilders stepped in and now provide support to keep it going. The staff are incredible and inspirational, because of their dedication, care and commitment. The entire team was deeply impacted, but had a most enjoyable time playing with the kids. The kids were extremely excited to see the team and the faster the members ran while pushing their wheel chairs the better it was and the more they laughed, or smiled or simply were content. An incredible place and one that all at HopeBuilders are blessed to support.



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