Monday, December 30, 2013

The Festive Season Experience at V.O.H

Christmas; a season of celebrating Christ with Joy ,Love for one another. Here at Village of Hope it was one of the busiest season for all staff and the children too.
Lots of shopping from clothes , eats ,drinks ,jewlery, hair styling for the girls and other many activities puting the Village in christmas and happy new year moods. Every child got a chrismas clothe, shoes, belts, gifts given by the Schoolies and they all looked smart and more happier than have ever seen on that day.
The day started with a heavy breakfast of eggs, bread, and milk then preparing for the x-mas service at church where Chris (Ann Mary's father) was the preacher of the day.
From Church, we headed back to the Village to have a nice lunch with Chris' family , lots of foods, drinks, fruits more than enough.
After lunch, it was taking family photos from House 1-8 then  the older children went for the gospel concert in Jinja town and the little ones watched JESUS' LIFE MOVIE on the Projector
We thank Hope Builders for the one heart support which enabled us to celebrate x-mas with all what we needed. May  God bless you all.
We wish you all the best in 2014.



Glenn said...

WoW what wonderful photos - it is so good to see the celebration of Christmas in the village. The children and mothers look wonderful in their new clothes.
May God continue to show the village his goodness and grace as you begin a new year!!!

Johann said...

PRAISE GOD! Seeing the joy and celebration of the children and mothers brings to life James 1:27. As each year goes by and the story that God is writing for each of these kids is unfolded, we get a step closer to "Breaking the Cycle of Poverty"

Adam said...

Thanks for the update Ivan. Its great to see all the kids looking to happy and healthy.
God bless you all and happy new year.