Thursday, January 9, 2014

Team 15 - Day 5 work continues at the Village of Hope

HopeBuilders team #15 have spent their first few days in the VoH mingling with the children and taking on three major projects.

The team is working on an extension to the village administration building, which will provide Ivan (the village co-ordinator) with permanent residence in the village. This requires the team to complete brickwork for two rooms including the installation of windows & doors.


The second project being undertaken is the continued completion of House 10 and adjoining kitchen. Once completed, this will enable to village to accommodate another 2 widows and 16 more children, an amazing milestone for HopeBuilders. The team has today set down the final brick in House 10 and is now preparing for roofing.

The third & final project is the improvement of Westside Farm, the addition of a steel shed which will house more cows in the village. The shed is in its early stages at the moment, with the skeleton currently being welded & rust proofed. In the following few days, concrete foundations will be poured which will enable the team to move onto more complex components of the project.

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Stan said...

Good work team15.So excited to see the progress. God bless.