Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another day of fun in the sun

The day started at 5am for some of us, due the heat and it not allowing us to fall back to sleep. By 6am it was already 19 degrees! Breakfast was served on the rooftop at 7:30am, with a new food item called ‘mandoes’, which is a bit like a donut. Was a bit of a celebration being the last breakfast of 2016 so it was nice to eat breakfast altogether.

After breakfast we went straight up to the village to get into the work, whether that be brick laying or hanging out with the children of the village! We didn’t have to wait too long today to get started on the brick laying, which helped in getting started before the hot weather hit us. We finished the outside courses of the house through teamwork and help from the Ugandans!

We came back to Suubi House at 12:30pm, got onto the cold showers and had lunch at 1pm. The afternoon consisted of everyone relaxing after a couple of days hard work brick laying. At 3pm, half the group went into Jinja to get supplies for the night, as well as check out the town.

Tonight we are all excited to be celebrating part of the night with the village – looking forward to spending some time with the children and playing some games. After hanging out for a few hours, we’ll bus it into Jinja as a team, to celebrate heading into the new year. So far the trip has been great and we’ve been learning lots (including the language), so we’re all looking forward to what the rest of the trip has to offer.

‘Jumbo’ for now! Clare.

Happy new year from Uganda Team 23 - we are now off to party at the village of Hope - after a bit of Dutch - Ollie Bollen!!!

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