Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another couple of big days...

It has been another couple of big days for team 22. With the team breaking up into two groups - some working at YSU beginning construction of the new residence on the block - with the other half of the group heading off to the Home of Hope to help with the children and staff. In the afternoon we all joined together and went to the Village of Hope where we broke into pairs and joined each household as they prepared supper - it was great to learn some Ugandan cooking skills and spend some quality time with mothers and children.
Today we held a bit of a holiday program at the Village - with story telling, painting, craft, sports and singing - it was a great joy to have such fun with these amazing children. In the afternoon we went to visit the Missasse slum where 80% of the village children come from. Here we were confronted with the harsh reality of people caught in the cycle of poverty - being held captive by oppressive land lords, illness and unemployment. So many experiences that rocked our worlds!!! We finished of the night with a great team dinner and then a debrief back at Subbi House.
It has been very hot here - Uganda is in the grip of a bad drought and people are really suffering here - crops are failing farmers are in trouble and food prices are soring.  Everything is very dry and dusty!! Red Ugandan dust in everything!!!

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