Saturday, January 7, 2017

Keeping on keeping on....

Team 22 keeps on working hard and are really connecting well with many of the Ugandan people here. We are thankful to God for the people that work here and make the HopeBuilders projects work day in day out. Over the last couple of days we have spent time at the home of hope, building at YSU, having fun in the sun with water jumping castles at the Village of Hope, participating in wise choices for life, spending time with the social work team at the village of hope, experiencing an amazing sunrise over Lake Victoria, being welcomed by an awesome bunch of young people from YSU with dancing laughing and great conversation, watching a movie written, filmed and produced by a crew of HopeBuliders and then last night having dinner with the management team from the Village of Hope.
We thank God for his protection and opening our eyes to so many things while we are here!!!

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