Saturday, December 31, 2016

Building it!!

Well what a start to our Uganda adventure. It was typical Ugandan day with a thunderstorm over night and early morning followed by the hot sun breaking through. We have had no power for 38 hours but I think we have all had a great bonding time with no WIFI.
Today was our first full day of building. We started moving all the mud-bricks that were stored in house 13 ready to be laid as the final 4 courses of house 14. We had a great chain gang going and moved them pretty quickly. Dale then took charge and organised all the "bricklayers" for the day. Coby was like the pied piper with the village kids in tow following her to learn how to knit. It was a sight to see!!
Some of us spent the afternoon interacting with the children of the village - it was an awesome day - I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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Johann said...

Thanks Meagan for the update and how cool to see the team in action - some new skills being learned and new muscle groups being used 😄
Hope Aunty Coby is not teaching the kids to knit balaclavas, it's hard enough to tell them apart now - I can't wait for the next update - blessings to all