Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Day Out

We had an exciting day today! We started off with a trip to Jinja’s local orphanage, ‘Welcome Home’. The group was amazed by the facilities at the home, it was bright and open and amplified love and happiness. Both love and happiness were what the team felt when they saw the smiles on each child’s face. We were able to send all of our questions to the direction of the Ugandan Director, Mumma Hope. She helped us understand the ins and outs of how the home works and the dedication adoption takes. This was followed by a small tour of the beautiful house and a play with the gorgeous kids. Even though they were only young their English was immaculate, we even got a song out of them, check it out on our Instagram - hope.buliders -

Lunch was spent at a Jinja favourite, The Keep. We each enjoyed a lovely cold drink and a pizza or wrap.  One team member, Dale, even saving some pizza to give to the homeless and the needy. As we all piled into the bus keen as beans to head to the Source of The Nile. Once arriving we were greeted by our tour guide, James. We all eagerly walked down the many, many stairs and there is was, The Nile. Everyone jumped onto the somewhat questionable boat and we were OFF! James showed us around the start of the river and pointed out some little creatures such as, birds, otters and lizards. After a few jump starts we finally arrived at a small island at the junction between Lake Victoria and The River Nile. After loads of pictures with the official ‘’Source of the River Nile” sign we enjoyed a drink back on the mainland.

A quiet night in was had with a delicious meal of vegetable frittata and a special guest, Robert K. He taught many of us the history of Uganda and Jinja. Explaining the geography of East Africa, politics throughout the country and significant historical events. The chat of tomorrows major soccer rivalry between the Muzungu’s (us) and some of the Village of Hope’s finest athletes, tune in tomorrow to find out the results!  


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Awesome blog update! Classic Dale :)