Thursday, December 29, 2016

X-mas at Village of Hope well Celebrated

It was a night of no sleep on 24/Dec/ 16 for almost everybody at the Village. Children,mothers etc, it was only one language!!! How the 25th celebrations for this year will be. At night African dishes were prepared like Matooke, meat,chicken, chapatti, g.nuts and others in order not to be late in the Sunday service at Abundant Church.
Morning came in with lots of excitement about the Birth of the Lord especially from the kids... as they requested for Jesus' Movie on the big Screen after lunch. By 9am, most of the Village occupants were already marvelously dressed in their new outfits for Church to celebrate with other community members.
This time it wasn't all that a long service, by 1pm, we were back at the Village for a BIG Lunch prepared by the mothers and older children. Lunch was served with lots of Sodas and the children were so happy for this as they could go for more than 1or2 happily enjoying with local music playing in remembrance of the King of Kings who was borne for us so that we retain eternal life.
Great THANKS TO All those who enabled us in Here in Uganda Celebrate Christmas with joy, you put a smile on many People's faces and help them gain more Hope

See our Celebrations in Pictures
House family

House 2 family

House4 family

Line up for the Big Lunch

It was the little's' time

Uncle Ivan will join us?

Lunch blast

House 7 ,its only Girls!!

Hse 3

The Juliets

Up coming big Boys

Well done mother, it has been a big day

The Micheals

x-mas indeed

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Johann said...

Merry Christmas 🎄 to all at VOH and our Uganda HopeBuilders family - you all look so smart in your new clothes - I pray that God's blessings for each you will be revealed in the days ahead. Thank you to our wonderful mothers, the management team and the UGHBI Board - may God be praised as you serve and minister to the children and the community