Thursday, December 8, 2016

Merry Making Schoolies Last Days

All went joyous with lots of Merry making for both the Schoolies and all those in Village of Hope plus communities at large. The last days of a two weeks and three days visit was occupied with happy moments........After raising House 14 to Beam level, it was time to have fun especially with the lovely Village of Hope Children.
It started with a Swimming expedition at King Fisher Safaris Resort on Sunday with all Children who love water 0000s and the Team members who were far better swimmers than any one in the pool. For the Kids, it's the best time of the year and they wait for it deary...Many thanks to Schoolies who helped the children enjoy pool water at ease ,you provided the safety for them since swimming is a luxurious leisure activity which receives less attention here in Uganda. We had good moments and the weather was conducive , then on our way back, we had a stop over to grab some Glucose Biscuits to replace lost energy.

On Monday, it was a football game between Schoolies and the African Builders at Jinja Christian School soccer field, this started as a simple one in round one but gained in 2 as Mzungus reinforced their defense and builders could not get through, it was more sweaty,and breath taking by the time it ended in favor of Builders.

Tuesday climaxed it all with an amazing farewell party which also called for the presence of Uganda Hope Builders Board Members. It started with the introduction of the Board by Hope Builders International Chairman, the Cultural Musical and Dance performances by the Village of Children's Choir neatly dressed in their new uniforms accompanied by our new set of instruments......These then followed by speeches,award certificate to team members, lots of Sodas and snacks then Mixed music and dances between team and was a joyful moment!! Lots of thanks and God's Blessings to all those who had a hand in all what happened in the 2wks,3days visit to Ug.
house 14

to King fisher for swimming

enjoying the pool

swimming lesson

having pool fun

in new dancing uniforms

had a match at JCS

choir entertaining team

appreciation certificate

Awarding Cert

board and Management

in the little ones' pool

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Johann said...

Ivan thank you for your faithful updated and for capturing the fun that was had and the wonderful experience that the Schoolies team enjoyed. We look forward to the next time until then may God be glorified in all we do