Sunday, November 9, 2014

2 Brand New Families in the Village of Hope

Yesterday was a day some children and thier Guardians will never for get. We went to the slums and picked those Children who went through after collaborating with the Local Council officers to fulfill legal issues....They are now at the Village as i post this, these are to occupy Houses 9,10 under the care of New mothers (Mama Monica, and Mama Petwa).
The children are so happy to be in the Village, met other friends, comfortably living ..although some feared to sleep on a bed with a mattress and a mosquito net.
They are happy on swings, round games ,football and all other sorts of games. Let us all Welcome the New Families to the Village.............'All this is done to help Break the Cycle of Poverty.
See it in Pictures below..
children hearing their names

at the community Hall

after collecting them

saying bye to relatives nd LC OFFICERS

Guardian saying bye

Now at the excited

their new living room


Johann said...

Praise God for the opportunity to bring hope into the lives of these 16 children and 2 mothers... Thank you to the Uganda HopeBuilders team - Robert, Rachel, Edward and Ivan, for the continued hard work to get the homes ready and settle these children in.

Adam said...

So exciting to see another bunch of smiling faces at the village.
I pray they will settle in quickly.
Thanks for all your work.

Andrew B said...

So wonderful to see new faces become part of our Homebuilders family!! God has been so faithful and good to us! We look forward to the kids settling in and enjoying their new 'home'!! Thank you to all our leaders in Uganda for all the work to make this happen!