Thursday, December 11, 2014

Schoolies Revolution 4's Last Days in Uganda

Our last days with the Schoolies Team 4 were indeed a blessing to us all at Village of Hope and Uganda at large. Lots of  Humanitarian activities from Building a whole House for the next 8 orphans and a widow,visiting the female's prison blessing them with bibilical teachings and gifts, visiting the slums to the most vulnerable families ,sharing with them and offering them gifts, a football match on Monday which ended in favor of African Builders...........Thank you Schoolies for the missionary work in Africa'
On Sunday we (admin and Directors) were treated to a dinner with the Team members at All Friends restuarant and this was a wonderful moment to enjoy with lots of eats and drinks.
Team and Children's side, it was lots of stories when the team and children went to King Fisher for swimming, it was a good time, very joyous and full of exploring.....from the Nile bridge ,Owen falls Dam and other features which some had never seen.
All the above was wrapped up by a farewell party at the Village Shade ,this ranged from cultural dances, songs(in particular an Aus Traditional Presentation), speeches , award of certificates , and lots of Sodas and snacks.......
Again Thanks to Hope Builders International...... in the fight to Break the Cycle of Poverty.
in Kika slums

slum children could not let members leave

Game on at JCS Play ground

high table dinner

enjoying the pool swim at King fisher

Hope of Uganda's showcase

Aus traditional song in progress

Ice Cream after a swim

its all joyful

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