Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HBI Schoolies Revolution Team 4 in Uganda!!

At noon , Team 4 (Schoolies) landed at Entebbe Air port in Uganda. All are well and pretty much excited to reach at Village of Hope to be part of Hope Builders.
They boarded the Bus to Jinja .....which Johann called a short journey may be because he is used to it, but to our first time Visitors it was a bit long.
We finally made it to Suubi House by six o'clock ,loaded off the laggage and no one could sleep well  before going to the Village though it it was getting dark in a few minutes.
Today morning at 9am, the Team arrived at the Village to start on House 12 ,started with fetching bricks, laying the first layer from the slab helped by the African Hope Builders. This happened in half day since in the evening they are going to run about Jinja town to get to know it more..
Team 4 has designed a number of programs to run in the 2 or more weeks in Uganda, visiting the community schools, Home of Hope ,Luke's project (Youth Support Uganda) ,the Kikaramoja slums, the females' prison and on top of that Building House 12.
Lets all believe God for the Team's Health and safety while it helps Break the Cycle of Poverty in Uganda.....Goooooo Schoolies go...
heading to the Village last evening

time to on the work

African builders doing the first layer

i see..all is getting well

we've come to make it

all around is done

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