Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Village of Hope with The Schoolies 2013

The team made a week in Uganda on Sunday with awesome and wonderful activities done.  Windows and doors in House 10  are now fitted soon its reaching wall plate...thanks for the energtic boys and girls.
On sunday morning we had a wonderful service at Abundant Church with our own Pr George giving the word for the day.
In the afternoon  the Team was at the Village meeting children and participating in dancing competitions dividing themselves into 4 groups where Yellow group won. This was finalised with lots of sodas and glucose mostly loved by the children. The team is  really enjoying the visit .
On the other hand other projects are going on in the Village, the Manager's is being finished ,the hut near the Great stone is also finished and now working on the new toilet and soon the big shade.We really thank everyone doing something to break the cycle of poverty....One Hope ,One Dream ,One Life Changed.
Blessings... Ivan

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Andrew B said...

Ivan, Great update!! Praise God for an enthusiastic young team, but also for dedicated and committed Ugandan staff such as yourself, Edward, Robert and more... We are truly blessed!! We continue to pray for you and the work at Village of Hope!! Andrew