Friday, December 6, 2013

Schoolies' Visit to The Slums

Hi all our lovely lovers of Village of Hope blog,here are some the activities The Schoolies are doing to impact community here in Uganda'.
On Wednesday, it was half day of building then after lunch  time the team had to head to Kikaramoja Slum to visit families of some the Children on Hope Builders' programme. It was a bit exciting but a trying moment for some team members as they listened  to stories about poverty alcohol and substance abuses poor healthy of guardians and the children themselves before they joined Village of Hope.
We visited seven families ....Phiona's, Brend's Mark's ,Richard's, Jane's Joan's  and Grace and Dorren's families. The guardians  and other people in the surrounding community were all happy to recieve the Bazungu (Whites) in their community.Prayers were held in each of the families visited and we asked the Lord grace upon the families and  the cycle of poverty getting broken.
Today , building was also half day  and House 10 is rising up at higher rate, then in the evening the team had a football match with the Village Team and it ended in favor of Village of Hope.
To God be The Glory

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