Monday, September 30, 2013

Village of Hope Updates

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ..We thank God for  ending September well because the
Village is fine. Mothers ,children and other occupants are all happy.
In the last two weeks, a lot has been happening these ends ,the children are in their third week at school and they are progressing well in their beginning of term exams and weekend tests.Our friends Ron and Ann went home for a while and we shall so much miss their Sunday evening devotions with the children we pray that they return to Africa as scheduled.
Construction work is being done and House 9 which team 14 left at beam level is now roofed. I believe all the participants in this Lord's work will enjoy this....from the youngest Sam to Jajja John  thanks for all the work you did. The manager's house is also progressing well as it has been concreted in all the rooms and roofing has started with the roof truss being raised.Sill in construction , the bricks for constructing House 10 are being made by the widows in the community.
We always rage and thank everybody endeavoring to break the cycle of poverty.
house 9 on the left being roofed

after roofing house 9 on the left

Manager's house


Andrew B said...

Hi Ivan,
Great to see the progress on house 9 and the managers house. Village of Hope is certainly a busy place! Thank you so much for all the work you all do for the children and for God. We pray for you all regularly and look forward to seeing and hearing more.
Blessings, Andrew

Johann said...

What a blessing to see the progress in the Village and the manager's house - god is Good!