Monday, September 9, 2013

A well used Holiday!!!!!

Hello to all our bloggers
Praise GOD all out there, we are fine these ends, the children mothers and all Village of Hope occupants.
Today at church (Abundant church) it has been a Youths' service  and the youth have blasted us with their
amazing ministry especially those at our village who led the whole program.It has been really an amazing Sunday as our youth leader in church the one and only Alice gave us a wonderful word.
This holiday,our children have had holiday studies at the village  and they have been helped in their weak areas.This has been at all levels and the mothers Prossy and Lovisa have done great work in nursery and primary while i ,Ron, Ann, and Luke we  have been handling those in High School helping them in biology,agriculture,geog and english.

We believe this holiday has been put into use and we anxiously waiting for good results next term.
The children have been much eager to learn and they found it so interesting to study in their dinning rooms.
We thank GOD for this holiday.....


Adam said...

Thanks for the update Ivan.
Its so good to see the kids doing so well.

Glenn said...

I love seeing and hearing things that are happening at the Village - thanks Ivan for the update - we continue to pray for all involved at the village of hope!!