Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Villlage of Hope Saying Hi.....

Hi to all our people ,
I believe this post find you fine and happy wherever you are. Here at Village of Hope we are fine and going on with our daily routines ..... The children, mothers, admnistrators and all its occupants send their greetings
through this post.The situation is generally okay at the Village, everything is going on well, only that we had a few cases of malaria (Phiona,& Mariam ) but they have now recovered.We thank God for our lovely Nurse Mama Jesca...she is so caring and doing a good job at the Village.
The trees which Team 14 planted are all in good condition ..they have grown in sature steadily as you will see Andrew's tree in the photos attached.
Last week on wednesday 9 , it was Uganda's 51 independence anniversarry and it was a public holiday  here at the Village we watched a live broadcast on a local TV channel. It was amazing seeing the children attentive which is a sign of being patriotic to their Country.
As the grown up children were busy watching , the little children were busy thinking about CHRISTMAS as they see it drawing nearer...they are so anxious to see it happen as they always rehearse the way they will put on, walk to church the food they will eat and entertainment they will enjoy. They always ask me whether i will have christmas with them or go to my family members of which they dont want.They really dont want to miss me Uncle Johann and Uncle Edward  on christmas and they blag that for them they have seen Uncle Johann and for i have not seen him.

  GOD Bless you

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Johann said...

How good to see growth in all things at the Village including the mothers and children and even the trees - I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.