Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fare well to our one month Holiday... Well come third term

Dorreen,Grace and the Grandma

Angella, Reacheal,Carol,Christine,Brenda,&the aunt

Mark& the sister

Phiona &family

Richard &aunt

Sam,Jane,Paul and mom

Poultry building
To all... I'm  writing to inform you that
we have come to the end
of second term holiday
and third term begins tomorrow.
We adore the LORD JESUS
 for enabling us to do
the activities as time tabled that's,
 coaching, playing,
church programes like
 music,farmwork, and
visiting some of the
 children's relatives which
was the most joyous
 activity for the children
we went with.
The relatves were so happy
and amazed by the children's beautiful
looks ,their smooth skins and the
growth in stature all this happened in
Masese-Kikaramoja zone when we
went with six families.
All the parents in Masese
wanted us to take thier children so
that they can have a better lifeas
it was really a tight paper for us.
Meanwhile,our poultry project at
the Village has progressed we are
only remained with some thing little
to down construction.

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Glenn said...

I love getting up in the morning and finding a Village of Hope post on the blog. Thanks Ivan for sharing things that are happening there we are always praying for you - children, mothers, workers - may God continue to give you His peace and blessing!!