Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Uganda Team 25 - Day 8 & 9

Big read!!!  2 days in one.. No internet stopped us last night!!

Sunday 08/07/18

We started off this morning a little differently. No pre-made breakfast for these Mzungu’s. It was a ‘make your own’ before we headed to church, which of course for us means the options of either the infamous peanut butter and banana or avocado on toast. 

After breakfast, everyone put their best and most respectable attire on and we soon headed to Abundant Life church. (Looking pretty snazzy, I must say.)
We left in time for the second service, but as Andrew had already warned us, they were still finishing up the first service. 10 minutes later the second service started with some beautiful songs sung by the worship team and then some introductions followed by a message from Eric who was from YWAM. 

Soon after church we headed back to Suubi house where we treated ourselves to some lovely rolls (made by Juliette the night before) topped with some fresh salads and avocado and then relaxed before a big day at YSU.

Upon arrival at YSU, we were greeted by Luke and Agnes who had a fun filled day planned for us. We re-introduced ourselves to everyone as today we weren’t with the same group that we were with the previous time we visited YSU. This time we met with a larger group of kids who were amazing dancers and enthusiastic competitors of netball.
We played a game of musical chairs (won by us Mzungus thanks to Josh), a blind folded ball game (won by YSU NO thanks to Josh), a game which involved in Josh stuffing his face in flour and winning another one for the team and then our final and most intense game – mixed netball – which according to Shae, they cheated in, but we won anyway with the help of our supportive cheer squad consisting of Hillie, Liesje, Leonnie and Phillipa. All in all, us Mzungu’s did a did a pretty solid job for today.

We ended the day at All Friends Restaurant where we had excellent food, great chats and all went home satisfied after a day full of fun and fellowship. 

Monday, 09/07/18

We started the day with another fabulous breakfast of omelettes and toast, prepared by the ever-wonderful Juliet. Breakfast was followed by a great devotional from Shae, reminding us of the parable of the lost sheep. Shae elaborated on the parable to point out that when Jesus places the sheep on His shoulder to return it to the flock, this is actually a picture of the weight of our sins that Jesus took to the cross on our behalf. 

After cleaning up we headed out to Home of Hope and started to cover the white of the undercoat with a mass, or rather and explosion (!!) of colour. From such a blank canvass, it was so exciting to have colour liven the walls and bring the space to life. The colours are very vibrant and very Uganda and given we finished the two coats we planned, it was a solid day’s work, yet a pretty rewarding afternoon. And an update on Baby Billy, we were blessed to see this little bubba back at Home of Hope today. He is hanging on and although he has been quite unsettled, Edith and Mercy describe that he seems to be steadily improving. Your prayers for his continued improvement are making a difference. 
Liesje spent some quality time reading books to the children which was hugely appreciated by the kids!

We’ll head out to Home of Hope toward the end of the week to complete a scripture on the back wall, a scripture that has been with us in song for most of this trip, so with that and some other design work, we are nearing completion of this space and the journey that has seen this come to life. 

Till next time, we value your prayers and know how good our God has been to each of us and the team. We Praise Him for what He is doing in the tiny pocket of Uganda and in each of us…and no doubt, he will continue this work long after we come home! J

A bunch of good pics for the visual effect below!!

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Johann said...

WOW What an awesome job you have all done - amazing! Well done - may you blessing in as much as you have been a blessing.