Saturday, July 14, 2018

Uganda team 25 Day 13

Today our lovely Juliet cooked up a treat with a range of scrambled eggs – plain, plain with herbs and some with fresh tomato (the freshest some of us have ever tasted!) and some toasted rolls and bread. They were polished off with lightning speed with Josh cleaning up the last in pretty quick fashion! We have been so blessed by Juliet’s cooking and the way she has catered for a couple of us (weird ones), who have had some dietary needs has been wonderful. 
Elisha bought us a devotion based on Ps 46:1 and having faith in our Father. Elisha spoke from her heart about the deep faith in Christ that has been evident in our travels. Elisha was reminded of Edith’s story and how her deep faith in Jesus has seen Home Of Hope come to be. On one of our bus trips we sang and heard the story of Horatio Spafford who penned the heartfelt Hymn of Praise “It Is Well” after deep loss and suffering. A great reminder that even in our own trials, it is in these trials that our Faith is strengthened. Definitely a theme in some of our devotions and discussions. 

With full bellies, we headed off to Home Of Hope for our final day of painting and design work on the internal walls. The space itself is the end result of a couple of years of fundraising by Leonnie, her friend Tina and a bunch of friends. Tina had initially been to Home Of Hope and on return discussed with Edith what she and her team dreamed of for the children. And so, the play space journey began! Tina and Leonnie worked with Johann Poppenbeck and many discussions later fundraising efforts such as tin shakes on intersections, a trivia night, a very special women’s afternoon, exercise classes and a host of other initiatives over time, finally raised the funds needed for the space. Through discussions and planning, it was important for the space to provide an inclusive, functional space for kids with a range of disabilities to have access and for the space to be inviting, fun and vibrant. It was also imperative that the kids could spend time in play, away from the Home, where they spent a large amount of their day. 
And so, the funds have built the covered outdoor area, a swing set has been constructed and painted and the ground between the Home and the play space has been levelled to make the ground more accessible. Raised garden beds have also been constructed to help kids in wheelchairs to touch and feel and see the growth of herbs that are now being used in the day to day cooking at the Home. 
The final touches and amazing art work that was from the hearts of Liesje, Phillipa, Hillie, Piper, Josh, Monique, Elisha and Shae was completed today and we’re sure you’ll agree, this space is bright and reflective of the Joy that God feels for these precious children. Being fun, inviting and vibrant is a win for the fundraising team too!
The back wall as seen in the pictures, has been inscribed with “Rejoice in the LORD always” which has been sung in wonderful Spirit and harmonies by the team over our time here. And to see the Joy on Edith’s face and to see how much this space means to her, is a true testament of seeing her hopes and dreams realised for the lives of these kids. 
Inasmuch as there is still some work to be done to sow grass on the levelled ground for the swing to be fully erected and one wall has intentionally been left blank for the next team (thanks UG26!), to design a sensory wall filled with items of different textures along with some mosaic work, we leave Home Of Hope knowing that this part of the journey for Edith, Tina, Leonnie and friends as well as the amazing team that have bought this to life, is complete. This space will continue to grow and evolve into a space where all kids with all disabilities can enjoy the kind of play some of our own kids take for granted. And what a blessing it is know the foundations are in place for kids to flourish!
After a lightning quick change of clothes, we headed into town and had a great lunch at “The Keep” and then we hit the shops! And boy, did we hit the shops! The bags of wares were opened up when we got back and fair dinkum, it looked like our own market stall. Perhaps we could even start our own business!
We are about to experience Juliet’s lasagne which will be a treat and for the weird ones, we’re have shepherd’s pie!!
Till tomorrow, love and peace from all of us! J

Pics below..

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