Monday, November 4, 2013


It has been a while without updates from Village of Hope ,,,to all our friends out there we say HELLO. The Village is fine and everybody is lively we had a wonderful overnight this Friday and we dedicated the Village into the hands of God and raged for our donors ,this is every first Friday of the month. .Today morning we went to church , we had a wonderful sermon and this time Sunday school was the smartest and most joyous.Some unfortunate news of Pr. George losing his in-law but he being comforted by the LORD.
A lot of activities are going on at the village and everyone is busy; manager's is being plastered,house 10 foundation is finished, enough blocks for house 10 are ready ,a pit latrine is being dug and the children always  do their daily routines and now many of them are interested in their studies than ever before.
This year 2013 we have 3(Joan,Peace,and Robert )as P.7 candidates, we wish them success in their next week Primary living Examinations.We also have 5from Pree-school who are joining P.1 next year and they now call themselves graduands.



Glenn said...

Thanks for the wonderful photos - we always love seeing village life on the blog. We continue to pray for you all - children, mothers and all workers involved witht eh village of Hope - may God continue to give you all his blessings!!

Johann said...

Thanks so much for the updates Ivan - the children are all looking good and we thank the mothers and the leadership for your great work, to God's Glory.