Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Schoolies Revolution 2013 Arrives In Uganda

It was at around 12:47 pm when they landed at Entebbe International Airport, me (Ivan) and Robert K we were ready waiting for them at the airport and   it was really a wonderful moment for many especially the first time visitors.
From the Airport we headed our way to Jinja through the Capital city Kampala then into the green forests of Mabira and finally to Suubi house where the Team couldnot rest without visiting the Village. After we went to the Village and we were welcomed by the children with their African  sweet smiles and the team interrcted with the children and the mothers for about an hour and then headed to suubi house for dinner.
On Tuesday this week building  house 10 started  and 3 courses were finished whereas today building was half day as they went for shopping in the after noon.


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Johann said...

WOW what a blessing to see those wonderful young people interacting with the Village of Hope children and encouraging them in life. Thanks Ivan for keeping us updated - you are doing a great job. We continue to pray for all of you.