Monday, April 10, 2017

Our Week With Trinity Team

This has been one of the busiest weeks so far this year, But worth it... With our lovely Trinity Team  of  18 Members from Australia, communities have been blessed here in Uganda. It has been a week of experiences with the Trinity Boys as many found out that there are really very many people in need of support in one way or the other.
At Village of Hope, the Team was welcomed by the smiling faces of the Village of Occupants and members were so touched to see a big community of people (Children, Mothers and Staff) happily living together in harmony.  Games and Sports were held(AFL trained), Story telling and Story Books read..Some children told members their stories before getting a chance to be in Village of Hope and these were so strong and strange to the Team guys BUT ,they also told the other side of the Story 'HOW? Their lives have Positively Changed after Joining Village of Hope and this was so encouraging. Still at the Village, the 3Team members are doing maintenance work on the Village's Main Shade and they are to stay until Friday 14 /2017.

The Team in slums of Masese: Their Hearts were so much hurt with the appalling situation people in slums live in, and they could not believe that people still remain welcoming and cooperative in the community.
Hope Community High School, it was a joyous moment for the Boys  to meet fellow students, see newly rebuilt Dormitory after fire, as the Funds for its reconstruction were  from the Boys themselves back in their School. Tom also held a Workshop with the High School's Students Leaders about Leadership and this was good.

Home of Hope, The Team was also joyously welcomed by the Children and the staff, and it was a very touching experience to see Children with multiple Disabilities happy..and Boys did not fear to interact with them freely. They also did the painting of the wall at Home of Hope with the Help of children from Hope community and and those of Home of Hope... it was one of Tom Percell's best Days in Uganda
On Sunday afternoon, we held a farewell party at Village of Hope with lots of entertainment from the Village's Children Choir, lots of Drinks and snacks also graced the occasion...We climaxed it with dancing tunes at 7:45 and the Team had it's Dinner in the 5 dinning s of Village of Hope with the Children and mothers....Whole week has been good and whole Team was happy about the organization..
As Ugandan HBI Team, we appreciate Trinity Team for the generous Support..


story books time

foot ball with the Team

Team in the Rebuilt dormitory

High School students Leaders Welcoming Team

leadership workshop with Tom

Games at High School

trying to get in the Slum's Hse

Telling how life is in the slums

VOH's main shade roof  being renovated

Children's performing at farewell

performance in progress

whole team  saying bye

time for snacks

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