Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Under New Roof

Our Easter was celebrated in a new twist just after 2days when our main shade had just gotten a new roof..This was so awesome for us as we could no longer fear the abrupt weather changes of Uganda.

The day started with early morning preparations of food stuffs at 4:30pm in the morning, Mothers , big boys and girls were all ready to start the Day with lots of food stuffs like Chapatti, Matooke, Meat Rice, Ground Nuts Chicken and a like.. The boys were so much in chapattis and by 6:00am, all preparations were almost done!!

At 7:30am , it was time for Breakfast of Bread, Milk and Porridge before we could  go for Church to celebrate with the rest of the Community the resurrection of the King of Kings. We were taught that whatever took place on  Easter season, it is the cornerstone of our Faith and we should always meditate upon it.

From Church at 1:30pm, it was time to prepare for our long prepared and waited lunch, with noise from every corner of the houses , Kids grabbing their plates to much in the Main shade for the main Meal..The foods and Drinks were more than enough and everybody got too satisfied.
After our good lunch, it was time for the music to play with dancing strokes from the children and a few Mamas, "even the Heavy Down pour "couldn't stop us because now we're covered under a new Roof!!..In the evening, it was a movie night on our Big Screen which the children enjoyed most.
Our many thanks to everybody who had hand to see that Village of Hope and Home of Hope celebrate their Easter with a smile.. Thank You ALL.....
                                           SEE OUR EASTER IN PICS BELOW

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