Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Prayer points...

Here are some prayer points which have come to us from Ivan in Uganda. Ivan is a most valued member of the HopeBuilders Ugandan team, other valued members of the team currently include Robert Kafeero and Pastor Moses.
  • That God will keep the teams in perfect health while in Uganda
  • That God will quicken the arrival of the bitumen emulsion since we urgently need it
  • That all the work will move as planned
  • That the excavation and installation of power on site is quikened
  • That there will be unity among the team members
  • That God wll lead us to the right people to work with
  • That God will provide for HopeBuilders and open marvellous ways of meeting the childern we shall support
  • That God will expand and provide for the big vision of HopeBuilders
  • That there will be safety for the teams wherever they travel
  • That God will have his way with us

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