Monday, December 29, 2008

Africa is waiting!

It must be rewarding to see a vision finally becoming a reality. Isnt it also rewarding to see the great commission being fulfilled with a holistic approach?. i cant wait to see the lives of high risk and vulnerable children changed for the better.
already some widow's lives have changed through the brick enterprise,their children were able to have a descent meal on christmas day ,something that is encouraging,i believe this vision that began with an idea will grow into a big ministry that will see christ being preached with love,and finally the cycle of poverty will be brocken.
we look forward to meeting the teams. Africa is waiting.


stanvl said...

As a team member about to leave tonight I look forward to seeing how God can use me in his service on this project.

stanvl said...

Im also looking forward to meeting Ivan and many of the other special people that my daughter , Rebecca has told me about