Monday, January 15, 2018


Taking 96 Vlliage of Hope kids to the zoo was the task for today!!!

It was a bit of a logistical challenge but the staff at VOH did an amazing job in making this happen. We boarded 4 busses at 6am in the morning and then took the 3 hour bus trip to Kampla. For most of the children this was time to the big city as many of them have never left Jinja. First we went past the airport to show the children the planes – of which they had many questions about how they work an what is inside of them.

After this we headed to the zoo and organised ourselves into a massive group with our great guide. The children were very excited and eager to learn about all the animals and so they amazingly attentive and well behaved as they absorbed all the information that the guide was telling them. The zoo was spacious and well set out and gave everyone great access to view the animals.

After lunch, which the village mothers had pre-prepared, we loaded back on the buses and did a bit of a tour through Kampala showing the children the parliament building and other land marks around the city.  Many of them and never seen things like traffic lights or so many big buildings it was a great experience for them all.

The journey home was mostly, busses of sleeping kids as the early morning start caught up with us all. The trip was a bit slower but we arrived home around 4:30-5. What a day!!!

Today we will do some crafts up at the village and will do some paintings of things we experienced yesterday. This afternoon we look forward to the Village farewell as we prepare to leave here and head off to Kenya.

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