Friday, October 7, 2016

GDG Visit as Children Start Term 3

In two days of Term 3, we hosted 2 Global Development Group members (Josh and Janet) who visited Uganda Hope Builders projects to see how progressive we've been and advise in any way possible.
It all went well , right from Village of Hope where staff welcomed them, and introductions were made to each other. For Josh, it was his first time to visit our project whereas Janet had visited before.
They had a look in the Administration office,and all what goes on in it like, the Clinic,Social work Department,Manager, and Coordinator's office. Here they were interested in Financial Flow, control and Reports, UHBI's Assets,Documentation, and Children's profiles which all went well. They advised us to make changes in our  Financial control system, and heading to more Technological means in our transactions like the use of EFT's use of Cheques all of which we shall evaluate and see how applicable they will be.
The Visitors also moved around Village Of Hope , in the Dairy Farm, Solar powered Bore for the Village's water,in the Children's Houses and the 2containers where we plan to have a Clinic open to the public. From VOH, Robert and William  took them to Youth Support Uganda, and Home of Hope and the whole visit was Impressive they Said.

Away from the GDG visit, our Children started their Third Term in their various Schools, thanks to Hope Builders for catering for these youngster's Education need, as i post this, all their Scholastic s needs have been procured and distributed to Schools, and Half of their Tuition payed.
From Nursery ,Primary,Secondary to University, all these Children are in School at the moment, we are so thank full because this is not the case for every Ugandan Child.....Let's continue to put our Children in Player, especially those in candidate classes of P7, S4 and S6 who are to sit Nationwide Exams competing with the soooo called best Schools in Uganda.
To the mothers, they are going on well with their ministry,  always have fellowships and meetings with Pr.George and the Management Respectively. There is more coordination amongst them like never, and they are more supportive which is good for the project.
The management Team is well, every department is doing it's roles, and we continue to have meetings and staff Fellow ships for better Team Work...Again many thanks to Hope Builders for the Support to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty.
See what goes on at Village of Hope in Pictures Below
VOH's Green entrance

GDG's Josh  with Robert at the Farm

VOH's Nursery  kids from school with mama Petwa

Children arrive back for lunch

Micheal at his work on the Farm

Fauza also coming back for Lunch

VOH's greener compound

mothers from a fellowship

Green top Houses for children and mothers

Admin's new look

Josh(GDG) and Robert walking around VOH

GDG's Janet, Josh moved around by Robert

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