Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Two Weeks of Schoolies Team 2015

From Aus to Ug, the revolutionary Team (Schoolies Team 2015) arrived in Uganda on Sunday 22-Nov 2015... Today on 9-Dec2015 they are going back with a remarkable amazing experience. Schoolies2015 have been a blessing not only to Village of Hope but to many Ugandans from Children, Women and Men,Churches,Prisons,Remote fishing Village, Slums and Schools.....All this endeavor is helping to reach out communities in the fight to Break the Cycle of Poverty in Uganda,' We thank you guys for that Godly heart.
Now at Village of Hope ,there is another raised structure from your efforts in 2weeks which is to offer accommodation for more 8vulnerable children here in UG..From carrying heavy bricks to handling a shovel for the first time, God has used you to have this house at Wall plate just a few days of your stay.
During these 2weeks, you've put smiles on Children's faces through games and sports,outing for a pool swim, gifts and a lot more... Including the dancing strokes of our cultural music which you had  a few minutes to learn.
In your time still, our Pre-School pupils graduated to primary School with a big celebration at Hopeland, also ,we had  a good time with Director Johann from a management meeting to dinner with the whole Team at Sun Set Hotel...
Your stay i must say has been a blessing to Uganda Hope Builders International, we crowned it with a farewell and afforded to offer you a simple certificate of appreciation....Thanks to all Schoolies2015''
See it below in Pictures , made IT

House 13 by Schoolies2015

children performing for the Team

Award of certificates to now Hope Builders

In the fishing village

after the match

In a pool for a swim at kingfisher

management dinner with Team

meeting for 2016 resolutions

Team triesout cultural dance

preschool at their best

Graduated to primary

Team members having fun with children

heavy bricks need chain carriage

a good start guys

makes a better END!!!!!!

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Glenn said...

Thanks Ivan for a great update - so good to see the impact of the schoolies team - but also good to see and hear of things that are happening in the village and witht he children, mothers and staff.
Keep Up the great work