Monday, June 29, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 2

Day 2  
Today was the first Sunday of our trip.  We didn’t have our regular rolexes for breakfast because the girls have Sundays off work, which means we had to make our own breakfast, but we had cereal and toast so it wasn’t too hard to make. 
Church started at 10:00 sharp, but we were two minutes late because we were having a lovely walk up the road on a beautiful, sunny morning. Church went for two hours and ten minutes, the first forty-five minutes were songs and dancing and the rest was the talking bit, including the dedication of a baby. And then we had a one-hour sermon on perseverance! 
We then met up with new friends and walked back to Suubi house, to make lunch, which we also had to make our selves. In the afternoon it began to rain, we were going to go to the village for a visit, but we ended up playing a lot of card games. That night, because we the girls weren’t there to cook for us, we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. The food was very good there, even though we had to wait a while, and we all had a good time together.

Tomorrow we will go to Home of Hope and begin some work and see the kids...

Greetings... Ben!

Dedication of the Baby in church..

Good friends!

Dinner at All Friends!

Loving it!!

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