Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week of Work and Fun

It has been a week of work but also having fun both the Team members and Children. Gutters are being raised on Houses 1-2, and 3-4, also to note .. the tank bases are being completed ready to hold the tanks for children to harvest rain water.
On Friday, it was taking the children out by the team for a swim........ This was the most lovely moment for the children as they all lined up to get on board in a bus, go past the Nile to King Fisher Resort for the moment of fun and exploring. Children never wanted talking about leaving the pool when the time came"; On our way back to the Village, we passed by a supermarket to grab lots of Ice Creams on the bus,this further raised  children's cheeks. Bus drive and swimming was the talk of the day with lots arguments.
Today Saturday, has been half day of work and after lunch we visited the KIKA Slums with the Team.We went with a group of new children who haven't visited their relatives since they came to V.O.H. Lots of excitement between their relatives and children themselves as they had conversations in their local language.
The relatives thanked Hope Builders (Village of Hope) for supporting and caring for the children.
In the 8 families we visited, Team members prayed for them, shared and gave them gift packs of cooking oil, sugar, and tea leaves...this was awesome and people were so thankful.
People in this slum real need help through prayer and physical support,,,so we pray that the Lord provides, heals and forgives all where needs be. Our day ended in that way and the is coming to VOH for evening devotions with the children.
Thanks and blessings to all

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