Saturday, February 7, 2015

How our Week Has Been...V.O.H

A week of ending our big Holiday ,School started on Monday and the Children were excited to start especially the new ones. A busy week for us with the organizing of the needed stationery and tuition fees, to taking back Boarding Students in their respective Schools including Paul and Samuel,(Winnie, John,Joshua) are candidates in S.4.
Back at the Village, we're fine ,Children often tell me what has taken place in their school right from Hope Land Pre-School, Jinja Christian School to Hope Community High School.....It's always exciting to hear.
During the weekend,a lot still goes on at the Village, from counseling sessions, games and sports, learning of domestic activities and so on. We're also blessed to have Mad ,Sophie and Hayley stay longer as they help us in the day today activities in all most all Hope Builders' Projects.. they make the Village more enjoyable to especially the children.
We  started giving out the resized clothes from the the Container.. great thanks to Youth Support Uganda for the great work done.
Again our sincere thanks go to all Hope Builders who are determined to Break the Cycle of Poverty in Uganda.
Ready for School

Mad's coaching skills

Hayley trying African cooking skills

In a session

Trying out Basket ball

In their new resized clothes

Soo.. Excited

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